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[Raevyn: (Whispered, staring into nothingness) "I believe I can see the future..." Isaac: (looks at Raevyn, shifts forward) "Raevyn?" Raevyn: "'cause I repeat the same routine, I think I used to have a purpose... But then again, (looks questioningly into nothingness, as if trying to recall) that might have been a dream." Isaac: "Raevyn, are you okay?" Ellie: "What is she saying?" Raevyn: "(clutches throat) I think I used to have a voice, (hand comes up to make a shush gesture)now I never make a sound... (hand falls onto her lap) I just do what I've been told, I really don't want Them to come around, (shakes head) oh no..." (Ellie and Isaac become tense, eyes fixed on Raevyn) Ellie: "Them? Who are they?" (Raevyn, still lost in her own world, continues) "I can feel their eyes are watching (looks around, eyes shifty).... In case I lose myself again (bows head further). (looks up, tilted) Sometimes I think I'm happy here... Sometimes, yeah, (smiles to herself) I still pretend. (looks frustrated, grabs her head) I can't remember how this got started, but I can tell you, exactly (looks up, pulls index finger across her throat) how it will end." Ellie: (walks up beside Isaac and whispers)"I told you we shouldn't have come to see her Isaac, Garrison was pissed you even asked... She's fragile Isaac. Us being here is probably difficult for her." Isaac: "I know, but I just had to see her, she did a lot for both of us." Raevyn: (Whispered) "There is no love here, and there is no pain. (closes eyes)" Isaac: "Ellie, just give me a minute alone with her... I can't leave her like this..." Ellie: "You sure? What if she goes into another rage?" Isaac: (looks at Raevyn sitting arms crossed tight in front of her) "I'm sure I'll be fine." (Door opens, Ellie walks out leaving Isaac and a lost looking Raevyn, door closes) Isaac: "Raevyn?" (Raevyn looks up, a pained expression on her face, still not meeting Issacs gaze) Raevyn: "I'm writing on a little piece of paper, I'm hoping someday you might find (glances up)... Well I'll hide it behind something, (places her hand over her heart and smiles to herself) They won't look behind." Isaac: "Raevyn what do you need?" (Isaac walks and crouches in front of her, grabbing the hand placed on her heart) Raevyn: (Looks into Isaacs eyes, further pained) "I am still inside here, a little bit (looks at her wrists)comes bleeding through, (bows head, as if ashamed) I wish this could of been any other way, (Shakes head) but I just don't know, I don't know (meets Isaacs gaze once more) what else I can do..." (Raevyn whimpers in pain, clutches herself tighter, Isaac looks pained.) Isaac: "Raevyn, (brushing a strand of her hair aside) I know you're having a hard time remembering things, but please, you NEED to trust me, you know me... (Isaac looks around, as if debating something) Look, I'm going to get you out of here. (He helps a drugged Raevyn to her feet, she loses balance but he catches her) Raevyn: "(winces)Isaac... I can't, the pain, I... I can't." (Isaac lifts her into his arms, she gasps in pain, her head lulls about a bit) Raevyn: "(pants, clutches his chest) Isaac, don't let them hurt me..." Isaac: "They won't hurt you anymore, I promise." (He opens the door to a stunned looking Ellie) Ellie: "Isaac? What are you doing?...(sighs) What are WE doing?..." Isaac: "Ellie, I have to get her out of her, they're hurting her, they've changed her..." Ellie: "Isaac, she was sucked into the vacuum, she has amnesia, it's a miracle she's even alive. I can see why she'd seem changed." Raevyn: (Whimpers in pain, begins to shiver, becomes clammy and pale) "I can smell them... They're coming..." Isaac & Ellie (in unison look at her) "What?" Raevyn: "They're in the walls, they're so close. Don't let them get me, Isaac, (almost sobs) please." (shouts erupt from down the hallway, soon after screams and shots are heard) Raevyn: (her eyes close, she breathes in deeply through her nose)"They're here... (her voice is suddenly strong, any weakness she showed now ceases in her manner) Isaac, let me down. (he looks at her questioningly, but hearing the power now in her voice he sets her gently on her feet) What guns do you two have on you? (Isaac and Ellie exchange a confused look) God DAMN it Isaac! Listen to me, we have about a minute before they get here. What fucking guns do you have!?" Isaac: "I... I have a line gun." (there is a loud shriek from the hallway, and the sound of something tearing, Raevyn looks at Ellie) Raevyn: "And you?" Ellie: "I've got my plasma cutter." Raevyn: "Alright you two follow me, I need to get out of this gown, keep your eyes and ears open, and if you see any of them... shoot." (Raevyn closes her eyes, steps forward, arms partially outstretched, feeling the air around her, she opens her eyes and starts forward, Isaac and Ellie follow after her) Raevyn: "Left, (turns left) Right, (turns right) (hushed) Stop! (Raevyn pulls Ellie and Isaac into the room she's in) "I found clothes, Isaac, close and guard that door, I could hear a pregnant, it's about sixty feet away, (walks over to a pair of fresh corpses in a corner of the room, and proceeds to strip each of an article of clothing) I need to change (starts to slip on a pair of pants under her hospital gown), Ellie, (gesturing to the opposite corner of the room) there's ammo in the corner for you... ( faces the corner and slides her gown off, puts a shirt on, her scars reveled for just a second, but Isaac sees) Now that that's done, (smells the air) let's go..." Isaac: "Raevyn, where did you get those scars on your back?" (Raevyn tenses up by the door, fear in her eyes) Raevyn: "What scars? (turns to face Isaac, walks out the door backward)I don't have any scars, Isaac we're wasting time. (starts down the hallway, peaks around a corner) that pregnant bastard is almost here, I can also hear crawlers. We need to move." (she motions at them to follow her, the hall is silent except for the occasional muffled scream, they walk for a few minutes through blood soaked halls, until finally Raevyn stops at a locked door. She walks up to the door and touches it) Raevyn: "Damn it..." Ellie: "What is it?" Raevyn: "Alright, Isaac can you open the door? Ellie, be prepared, there's company on the other side." Isaac: "Shit. What kind of company we talking about?" Raevyn: "Stalkers, at least eight..." Ellie: "Can't we find another way out of this hospital?" Raevyn: "Well yeah, but all doors lead to the same room, there's a small gunship in there, we get to it, we get out. So I'll hit them with stasis and you two shoot? Deal?" (Isaac moves to the wiring panel and begins to hack the door open) Isaac: "Sure." (The door turns blue, indicating it's unlocked, Raevyn walks through, several stalkers cry out at the new human presence, they run into attack positions. Raevyn leads Ellie into a corner, Isaac take the one opposite them, a stalker peaks it's ugly head and looks at him, two more run toward Raevyn and Ellie, preoccupying the girls, Raevyn hits the stalkers with her stasis and Ellie shoots their limbs, the one takes off after Isaac, charging full speed. Raevyns stasis hits it just before it reaches him, he shoots and kills it) Raevyn: " Stay close, and stay alert you two." (Raevyn takes off through a row of unlabeled shipping crates, Issac and Ellie following closely behind. A stalker runs out and charges the threesome, taking Raevyn to the floor several feet away) Isaac: "RAEVYN!" (he moves to go save her but  four more charge at him and Ellie, stalling them. Raevyns breath rushes from her lungs as her head crashes into the floor, dazing her for a moment. The stalker stands over her, grabs her left arm, and squeezes so hard she almost blacks out from pain. She struggles to free her right out from under her but the stalker tries to peck her with it's beak, the movement frees her arm) Raevyn: "(she emphasizes each word with a punch to the stalkers face)Get. The. Fuck. Off. Of. ME! (she is able to kick it away and stand up, she rubs her captive wrist and grits her teeth, the stalker gets up and shrieks at her, taking up it's attacking stance, then turns to run away) You son of a bitch. YOU CAN'T TAKE THE EASY WAY OUT! (she runs and tackles the stalker to the floor, hits it with stasis, grabs the stalkers head) How does it feel? Huh?" (smashes it's skull to the floor repeatedly until only a bloody pile is left, Ellie and Isaac come over to her, Ellie stomps on the necromorphs body, severing the legs off, fully killing it. Isaac offers Raevyn his hand to get up, she accepts by placing her bloodied one in his) Raevyn: "Sorry about that, I'm not doing my end of the deal very well, am I?" Isaac: "It's alright, they just got the upper hand for a second. Are you hurt?(looks down to see Raevyns freshly bruised  and swollen wrist) Raevyn: "I think I'm fine, let's get to that ship." (she leads the way once more) Raevyn: "Okay, (looking at the ship) we need to take the tethers off so we can leave, Isaac, can you do that? The control panel should be downstairs." (nods her head in the direction of the stairs) Isaac: "I'm on it." Raevyn: "And do be careful please? (Isaac smiles at her, walks off to the tether control panel) Okay, Ellie let's get this ship ready to roll." (the girls walk onto the ship and begin prepping the launch sequence, the ship lurches indicating the tethers have been turned off) Ellie: "Great, now all we have to do is open the bay doors, tell Isaac to..."  Raevyn: "Quiet... more are coming, I'm going to get Isaac, can you stay in the ship?" Ellie: "Well yeah, but let me help." Raevyn: "(walks to the door, opens it, peaks her head out) Make sure the ship is ready to go at a seconds notice, shoot from the doorway. Do not leave the ship." (Raevyn leaves Ellie and walks down the stairs into a darkly lit hallway) Raevyn: "(whispered) Isaac? We have to go. (she hears a thud come from a nearby room, and a man talking) Male voice: "Tut tut tut, Isaac, you know I simply cannot let you take off with her, we have invested too much time and money into her to let her slip away now.(Raevyn sneaks up to the door) Isaac: (spits) "That's not your decision to make." (Raevyn hears the sound of flesh and bone striking together, Isaac groans in pain, she begins to see red) Male voice: "Oh, is it not? Besides Isaac, she'd be too much too handle, she's unstable, and you're pretty unstable yourself, and not to mention a murderer." (Raevyn can hear the smile in the mans voice as he says this) Isaac: "I can't let her just stay here so you can hurt her more." (there's a condescending smile to the mans voice now) Male voice: "My god, Isaac... Do you have feelings for her?" Isaac: "Shut your mouth you bastard!" (Raevyn can hear something crawling in the hallway to the left of the room, it knocks something over and retreats, as if afraid, everything is silent for one moment) Male voice: "Well well well, it seems as if something's here, let's go greet our guest, shall we Isaac?" (Isaac grunts, the door opens and he is pushed out, Raevyn can see the beginnings of a black eye on Isaacs right side, he notices her and wishes he hadn't, Garrison steps out of the room) Garrison: "Aww, I was hoping you'd get attacked. (chuckles, until he sees Raevyn) My dear, you look awful, let me get you out of those clothes and onto my ship (smirks)."  Raevyn: "Garrison, even with your ship overrun by necromorphs, you somehow manage to find the time to be a pig and the biggest pain in my ass. Congrats. Now,(grabs Isaac and shoves him toward the stairs heading back up) I'm leaving with Isaac."(turns and starts to follow Isaac upstairs) Garrison: "But my dear, you have yet to be finished, yet to be fixed. Don't you want to know what happened to you? Why you can't remember things?" (she turns back around to face Garrison, confusion darkens her face, his eyes gleam, thinking he has found her weak spot) Raevyn: "Fixed? I... I remember something from before... before...(she struggles to recall but cannot) No." Garrison: "No?" (but before he can say anything else she turns and runs, grabbing Isaac and heads for the gunship. High-pitched childrens screams fill the docking bay. Raevyn pulls up the riglink to a shaken and worried Ellie) Ellie: " They're here. Where are you two?" Raevyn: "About thirty feet away,(Garrison runs up the last flight of stairs towards them) Isaac, run for it! (she shoves him away, riglink turns off, she turns to face Garrison, and kicks him in the face, he stumbles, but is otherwise unthwarted, he continues after her. Isaac makes it onto the ship just as Garrison pulls out a needle full of tranquilizer, and pumps most of it into Raevyns neck. She screams out in pain, punches him in the face, takes the needle out and shoves it under his chin, pumping the rest into him. The pack begins to descend upon them, Issac comes out, bearing a pulse rifle, but before he can get more then a few shots out, a pack member jumps on him. Garrison removes the needle from his jaw, and he sneaks off, wounded and dazed. Ellie starts helping Isaac, but soon they are both fairly overwhelmed. Raevyn stumbles over and starts to strip the pack off of the two. Her hands begin to quiver with energy, they literally give off energy, Isaac can feel it when she gets near him. There's an electricity in the air around her.) Raevyn: "Get on the ship! (she flexes her hands and the energy seems to grow larger out of them, Isaac and Ellie get onto the ship) SHUT THE DOOR! (she grits her teeth and screams in rage) uuuhhRAAHHHHHH!" (a great light and a burst of energy is emitted from her hands, blowing the pack backwards and killing them all. She collapses onto her hands and knees, gasping for breath) Ellie: " What the HELL did she just do?!" (both her and Isaac come out and help the mostly unconscious Raevyn into the ship, Ellie closes the door and gets the ship going. Isaac takes Raevyn to the sickbed and lies her down. He looks down to find her severely bruised arm mostly healed and out of the corner of his eye he sees the slightly charred circles on her palms)]
The beginning is lyrics from Everyday Is Exactly The Same by Nine Inch Nails. So rights and whatever go to them. Other rights to Visceral games, EA, all that jazz. Raevyn is an original character I've made up, and I plan on continuing her story. This is still a work-in-progress. But I wanted to get it up on here and see what you guys think...
Matoro8759 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Brilliant :iconmoarplz:
Evailiya Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
You have no idea how much it please me to hear that =D As soon as my laptop starts working again I plan on completing the second part. Hopefully soon.:squee:
Matoro8759 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That sounds cool cant wait!!
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